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Converting – tape and film processing for the general and automotive industries

Vehicle wrapping .

Interior and exterior solutions especially for office buildings

Converting – tape and film processing

Cutting, lamination and further processing of single-sided and double-sided tapes and films for the general and automotive industries.
As a long-time convertor of 3M, we have experience in production especially in the automotive field. We provide full project documentation, including pattern design, according to automotive standards. This area is dynamically developing and new technologies with self-adhesive materials are increasingly being used. Converting is Mezanin’s main production programme.
We’re able to meet the requirements of small and large production series. Our production is focused on technology for cuts, cut-outs, rewinding and laminating of all types of self-adhesive material.

Vehicle wrapping

Car wrapping in your company’s colours, e.g., characteristic yellow for taxis. It can also be used as a full film replacement for automotive paint. It enables car interior and exterior customisation for end customers and manufacturers.
Advertising wrapping for vehicles.
Temporary and permanent wrapping of rolling stock.Polyurethane films for protecting exposed parts of vehicles.
Solar automotive films.

Advertising graphics

Floor graphics, attracting up to 50% more attention, most people take notice of the surface they’re walking on. Facade, wall graphics and wallpapers.  Banners, sails, placards, flags. Advertising banners and flags can be made from full-colour digital printing or self-adhesive cut graphics on sails, banners, etc.

Films for buildings and architecture

Over 20 types of 3M Scotchtint Solar Control Film window films. The 3M Prestige PR-70 is the perfect film, transmitting 70% visible light, almost clear and almost invisible, therefore it’s approved on historical buildings by the preservationists of Prague City Hall.
Decorative glass films.
Mirror films.
Orientation systems.


The change in appearance and renovation of the dental clinic into a wooden decor/ solution for those of you,  who cannot afford closing of the operation due to the reconstruction works  – implementation took place from day to day in the evening hours./.

 An interesting use of the hall to present the history of the company.


A refreshing concept of common space in IBM.

Cult MINI in advertisement poster.

Designation of a special car edition for Škoda Auto a.s.

Wrapping of the electro mobiles for ČEZ a.s.

Wrapping of charging stations for electro mobiles.

Our implementation of the meeting room for the company Accenture in Prague –Holešovice, which is currently competing for the title Meeting room of the year. Imitation of sandblasted glass = fast, inexpensive and elegant solution for modern office space glass.

Another sticker posters of the office space. This time for the company SAINT GOBAIN, which via this implementation has won the contest  Office of the year – Environment Friendly

Installation of security and Antiscratch foil for windows of tram cars for Škoda Transportation a.s ..

An example of several samples of our Tape converting.

We are currently re-branding offices of Konica Minolta IT Solution Czech in Prague and Ostrava.