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Floor graphics

Attracts up to 50% more attention, most people take notice of the surface they’re walking on. Good graphics give the impression of three-dimensionality. It adheres to any surface – tiles, cast floors, linoleum, concrete, asphalt…, the graphics can be removed seamlessly without breaking the substrate. Graphics have a high mechanical resistance and can also have a non-slip finish with certification.

Facade and wall graphics, wallpapers

3M IJ8624 wall film can be glued directly to various surfaces and without the need for anchoring or bonding to the baseboards, easy to apply to rough plaster, concrete, brick, tiles, wood etc. Placement on columns, walls, advertising surfaces, company shields. Warranty 6 months in the exterior!

Printable wallpaper with matte textured surface. It sticks like a classic wallpaper to a liquid glue or as a sticker. They can be structured or smooth.

Banners, sails and banners, flags

Advertising banners and flags can be made from full-colour digital printing or self-adhesive cut graphics on sails, banners, etc. On the sides there are lugs for fixing on separate stands, walls, columns, etc. Thanks to the welding option, any size can be achieved.