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3M Building films

Solar and safety films

Over 20 types of 3M Scotchtint Solar Control Film for windows.
The most advanced is the 3M Prestige PR-70 film:

  • releases 70% of visible light,
  • it’s almost clear and almost invisible, therefore it’s approved by the members of Prague City Municipal Authority for historic buildings,
  • heavily reflects heat (40%), reducing the interior temperature by up to 10°C and air conditioning costs up to hundreds thousands crowns per year,
  • holds 100% UV light, protects objects in an interior or museum,
  • composed of 350 highly accurate nano-layers of polymeric material,
  • non-metallic – unlike traditional metallic films, this means there can be no corrosion or mobile network signal interference.

Also available in the Ultra Prestige security version designed for protection against thieves and explosions.

First in the industry – 15 years warranty on installation and material.

Prestige PR-70 film efficiency test

Raiffeisen Building Savings Bank in Prague – Žižkov.
1st room with Prestige PR-70 film, 2nd room without film, air conditioning off, installed recording equipment. A temperature difference of up to 7°C was reached.


Safety films

Glass surfaces on buildings are often perceived as the weakest structural element.
3M™ Scotchshield™ Safety and Security Window Films, when used as part of a comprehensive security strategy, can contribute greatly to protecting employees, property, and important company documents.
For more information on 3M safety and protective films that offer highly technologically advanced protection against burglary, vandalism and flying glass shards, see the enclosed pdf file.

Anti-graffiti film

Polyester film to protect surfaces of buildings, shop windows, public transport vehicles (paints, glass and graphics) from the surface damage such as paint spraying, felt-tip drawing, scratching and cutting grooves.


Films for shop windows and signboards, window graphics

Window graphics in architecture

Signwriting glass areas on shops such as windows, doors, signboards, signs, light boxes (luminous adverts) in interior and exterior.

Perforated graphics, which drags the attention and makes your building more attractive and hinders the views into the building, but at the same time, it doesn’t prevent looking out.

Decorative film for 3M glass

3M™ Scotchcal™ Dusted crystal films, frosted 3M series 5525 and 7725

Unlike actual glass etching and sandblasting, 3M Scotchcal crystal films can be “removed” and “replaced”. These graphical films are more economical than actual etching or sandblasting. This is mainly due to the possibility of installing the film without the need to remove glass when changing the image, which is the most expensive procedure. Any logos, inscriptions, etc. can be cut on the plotter.

Available in 6 shades and 2 patterns: “dusted crystal” reminiscent of glass-engraving and “frosted crystal” reminiscent of glass sandblasting. They’re suitable for both outdoor and indoor use on smooth substrates.

3M™ Fasara™ Decorative glass film

They’re solid and dimensionally stable translucent polyester films designed for interior window decoration and increased privacy. They’re available in several textures at a much lower cost than etched glass.
Fasara has been in the Japanese portfolio of constructive interior solutions for over 10 years.
The word Fasara originated from the words ‘Façade’ and ‘Sara’. Sara means a sound sliding down the wind.
The product has been designed primarily to increase privacy by preventing viewing the inside from the outside, and can also be used to divide the interior into sections. A secondary advantage is the variety of patterns.
Fasara is available in many patterns with the option of cutting.

Mirror films

Highly durable exterior film reminiscent of mirror designed for the production of graphics, advertisements and design elements and other architectures that require the appearance of gold and silver. Application on flat or slightly wavy surfaces. Silk-screen, cut-out on plotters or vacuum forming options.

Orientation systems