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One of the Company’s goals is to offer comprehensive services to its clients in the field of wrapping all types of vehicles. We are gradually expanding the range of our services for HGVs, buses, trains and trams.

In the advertising graphics field, we focus on wrapping for interiors and exteriors of corporate buildings and shops. The purchase of new production machines and their variability makes it possible to focus on processing quality 3M materials and manufacturing for the automotive industry.

The quality and environmental policy has been set in this sense.

In accordance with the Company’s strategy, company management is committed to:

  • Fulfilling commitments to customers and delivering products and services in the required deadlines and quality, therefore increasing their satisfaction.

Preferring the provision of such products and services that meet environmental and product safety requirements, in-line

  • with the requirements of interested parties, including the appropriate administrative bodies.
  • Complying with all valid legislation requirements in the Czech Republic and the EU, regulation requirements related to products and processes based on the organisation context.
  • Fulfilling other requirements that the organisation has committed to and which relate to its aspects resulting from the risk and opportunity assessment.
  • Controlling negative impacts on the environment, work environment, occupational safety and product safety by managing and minimising risks, thereby preventing possible emergency situations.
  • Preventing environmental pollution and eliminating the negative impact of possible emergency situations.
  • Creating financial resources, ensuring the required professional competence of the employees and the necessary technical and organisational conditions for maintaining the quality and environment management system.
  • Informing the public, public authorities and employees about the Company’s activities in the environmental protection field.
    • Applying the necessary measures to achieve the expected results in product, process and environment quality and risk minimisation.
    • Striving to continually improve the quality management system in place based on the organisation context, the processes set and the risk minimisation measures.
    • Motivating all employees to perform high quality work, to comply with requirements related to the established quality and environment system to meet the customer requirements as well as other interested parties.
    • Fully supporting the implementation of the Quality and Environmental Policy based on Company strategy.
    • Providing the resources needed to fulfil it.
    • In the event of any problems and suggestions regarding the environment, it’s possible to contact the Company’s Managing Director at: Jiří Černý, Nad Kamínkou 1420 , 156 00 Prague – Zbraslav; email: jcerny@mezanin.cz.

    Date: 12 February 2018

    Jiří Černý, Managing Director