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Sign-making with your logo or advertising graphics.

Car wrapping

Car wrapping with a corporate colour on cars, such as typical yellow for a taxi. It can also be used as a complete film replacement for car coatings.

It provides appearance individualism for car interiors and exteriors for the final customer and the manufacturer. The film protects the original paint against dust, stone chippings and normal traffic, it’s easily removed, and the car is like new and does not lose its value after several years.

Signwriting for buses and trucks

Advertising signwriting on a bus windows using a perforated film or a full film on the bodywork.

3M VentureShield car paint protection

The VentureShield protective film is applied to the automobile paint in the areas most at risk from damage. Very strong, 200 μm (0.2 mm) thick 3M polyurethane film protects your car’s paint from being damaged by sand, stones and scratches.

Wrapping for roller rail tracks – trains, trams, subway

Wrapping as well as cut graphics, inscriptions, pictograms, technical labels.

Signwriting for ships and airplanes

Print and cut graphics for ships. The materials applied resist the effects of seawater as one of the most aggressive natural solutions, they keep their colour and do not become unstuck.

Safety-Walk™ non-slip strips

Non-slip strips for stairs, cabins, etc.


Use of highly durable materials that resist extreme temperature changes from -60°C when 10,000 metres above sea level to +60°C in the desert over a short time. The film also resists extremely high speeds so that it does not come off during flight and is not drawn into the engine.

Anti-graffiti, print and surface protection


Graphics become UV resistant, mechanical damage resistant; the colourfulness is prolonged.

Anti-graffiti film

Polyester film to protect surfaces on buildings, shop windows, public transport vehicles (paints, glass and graphics) from the surface damage, such as spray-paints, felt-tip colouring, scratching and cutting grooves.

Anti-graffiti films are designed for both outdoor and indoor use. The defaced are is easily cleaned with Graffiti Remover System spray – Graffiti Cleaner.
It works as a transparent protective barrier and its use is faster and less expensive than changing windows, over-painting graphics or over-painting vehicles. It’s mainly used in transport and retail, its further benefit is reducing fading equipment and interior artwork. It shortens the expensive downtime and lost profits.